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About HelloSnuggles

HelloSnuggles was created to welcome every baby into the world with a soft, soothing face of familiarity.  We wanted to design gifts that celebrate the joy, color and cuddles in raising a newborn child.  Using our recipe of creativity and simplicity, we created soft and adorable Snuggles, swaddles, and bibs for babies and mommies to fall in love with. 

HelloSnuggles believes in the unique experience of each product, which is why we are constantly introducing new snuggly pals, blankets and bibs.  We offer versatile and rotating collections with a never changing commitment to softness and durability.

HelloSnuggles products are inspired by luxury, love and simplicity, and always will be.

Mission Statement:
HelloSnuggles is committed to making the softest, silkiest, and snuggliest blankets for babies. Every baby deserves to enter the world in comfort, security, and love. That’s why we put softness, simplicity and lovability at the forefront of our designs. We make our soothing Snuggles with the highest quality textiles and softest fabric to help babies snooze, so mommies can too.  Our mission is to give newborns a soft and adorable companion that will comfort and endure through the precious years of early childhood. Our Snuggles will deliver luxury, love, and companionship into the arms of every baby.